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Inguinal hernia surgery recommendations

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Just now, Ray Ban said:

Thank goodness for Sheryl...always a source of actual knowledge and reliable good advice. I had a suspected inguinal hernia confirmed yesterday at Bangkok hospital in Khon Kaen and was considering the “watchful waiting” approach. I’m a fit 74 y.o, retired, with little need for heavy lifting or the like. There is however a persistent dull ache in the groin once I’m up and about, and have decided to have the op. The surgeon at BH recommended laparoscopic repair as “ today’s standard” , and the hospital’s indicative quote was 165k to 185k, including two nights stay. This seems a little steep having seen some of the costs quoted by others on this thread. My Thai wife suggests that other hospitals could be a lot cheaper. I’m also not clear as to whether the laparoscopic repair uses mesh or involves stitching, my thought process being “why such a large incision for open repair if mesh can be inserted via the much smaller cuts for laparoscopy?” Any thoughts on this or BH’s quote would be welcome.



Having had an inguinal hernia for three years and based in Khon Kaen I finally did mine three months ago.


Two years ago had many quotes.


BH, hospital

With a great surgeon Dr Apichat charming guy with excellent English and a listening caring attitude. quite rare here. He had previously been the surgeon at khon kaen hospital and the first to do laproscopic there.


My prices quoted in writing two years ago.


Open surgery two night stay general anesthetic. 80K.


Laproscopic.... 110k two night stay general anesthetic.


The quote they have given you is very high but not unusual for them. My work insurance at the time was looking at it so maybe my quote was lower for that reason.


Ratchepreuk  private hospital.


Open surgery only available with spinal block anesthetic.

50-60k with 2 night stay private room.


Sinagarind university teaching hospital.


Open surgery treated as a private patient no waiting time, private room two night stay.



Khon kaen hospital government.


Open surgery circa 25k with 4 night private room requested.. Waiting time 2/3 weeks.


Laproscopic  again 4 night private room requested  stunningly only 30 k.



When i finally got around to it I had to pay all myself and although I would of liked to have gone with BH hospital because of the great attitude of the surgeon who freely advised me on many other medical issues, i was very aware of BH hospitals creative billing policies.


So i opted for Ratchepreuk private hospital surgeon after a couple of consultations,,,,,, had an agreement with the doc re price and had accounts of someone who had the same op and price quote six months prior with good reports........ my final bill 58k as quoted and  now 3 months post op.


Hope this helps, its become a bit of an essay, if you need further details happy to help.


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Thanks to both Sheryl and Sapson for those replies.

The latter’s “essay” about costs is exactly the sort of detailed info. I was looking for in that regard, and saves me a lot of leg work of my own.

Also, I’m inclined to go with Sheryl’s remark some time back that is a very routine procedure that any general surgeon could perform, and that the open approach is a perfectly acceptable option. Indeed, given my layman’s understanding of what is involved....essentially a cut, patch and sew job (!)....the lap approach almost seems a bit over-complicated. After all, cosmetic considerations re the scar hardly come into it given the location !

It was Dr. Apirat who saw me the other day, and completely agree he is a delightful man. My previous experience with BH as an out-patient has been very good, so that will probably be my choice if he is happy to perform the open version of the op.

Thanks again both.



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