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The question is why you need a website for that? Are you planning on export? (Will not be a great idea)

Otherwise you will find Thai produced avocado in almost any supermarket nowadays.

If you still need the fruit, it will be better to visit some cities in the north or north east, to find the growers. Many of them have between 50 to 200 trees.

They usually do not need a website, due to that the local market buys most of their crop, or they sell themselfs in their local market or to restaurants.

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I can easily find imported avocados, but not Thai avocados, that's why I want to find a stable supplier.

It may be easy to find them in Chiang Mai, but not where I live.


If some of you know farmers in the north that can ship within Thailand, I would appreciate their phone numbers or LINE ID.

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You can search in Facebook Marketplace or groups. As example:


🥑Thai Avocados from Chiang mai ++ 99 baht per kilo 2-4pcs. Need to order a minimum of 3kilos ++ Shipping fee is 100 baht (3kilos) 120 baht if 4-5 kilos ++ Next delivery is on Monday 17 Jan +++ ##Pay by Banktransfer ,Promtpay&Truewallet(7-11)## +++ Pm me if interested Line: 🆔ping_33 https://line.me/ti/p/L_-1c-OqtG follow my page:Avocados By Ping

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