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Question RE Non-Imm O via Savannakhet & extensions

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I am thinking about killing my Non-Imm O visa (retirement), in order to start a new visa, Non-Imm O (Marriage) and I am hoping for a little advice.


I’ll just jump straight to the core question:


Assuming I have all the documents I need, can I get a one year marriage extension from my local immigration office on the Non-Imm O (Marriage) visa issued at Savannakhet?


It seems like I should be able to, but TiT and things are not always as they seem.


Some brief background: I’m living in Roi-Et, I’m a US citizen, got my first Non-Imm O (retirement) several years ago and have previously been using the US embassy affidavits for the financial documentation.


Since my last extension, there are no more affidavits to be had, I renewed my passport so my current one has a new number, I got married (using the new passport number), and we have almost built a house. We have a house number and house book already, and are hoping to move in this month.


I don’t really relish the idea of digging out my old passport and getting copies (original visa, old extensions) from it every year, on into the future. It just seems like getting a fresh new visa to go with the new passport and the new marriage and the new house would be the thing to do.


Plus, Savannakhet is close, a nice days ride away on the motorcycle, and it seems like it is a lot mellower than Vientiane.


Finally, I hate having my renew by date so close to the new year, (Jan 4), and shifting it to February or March would be a nice change.


I think I have picked up all the details I need to know as far as doing the actual visa run from the great reports here. I’m just wondering about this one critical aspect, or any other complications I have missed.

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