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Rift in New Economics party as ex-leader Mingkwan reasserts his position

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Rift in New Economics party as ex-leader Mingkwan reasserts his position




The rift within the opposition New Economics party re-emerged today when former leader and founder Mingkwan Saengsuwan complained bitterly that he had been that had been blindsided when four party members, including the party leader Manoon Siwapiromrat, voted in support of the Government on December 4th to kill a motion to have the Prime Minister’s pre-election orders, issued under Section 44 of the interim constitution, formally investigated.


He said he was in parliament with party’s MPs on December 4th, but was not told about their planned move to defy the opposition resolution to boycott the meeting, adding that there was no resolution to vote in support of the government.


Mingkwan said that the act of defiance had tarnished his reputation, adding “A reminder to all the party’s MPs about the day when you invited me to join the party,” and that he doubted any of them would have been elected without him leading the party.


Full story: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/rift-in-new-economics-party-as-ex-leader-mingkwan-reasserts-his-position/



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