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Best way to stay in Thailand for as long as possible ?

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Hello, I'm a freelancer that can work from anywhere, I just spent 3 weeks and a half in Thailand as I was thinking of moving there, and of course I loved it.


Now I'm back in France and I see all reports of immigration getting super strict and I'm kinda scared to give everything up here to then get denied over there.

However, it seems I probably would not have problems at first since this would only be my second entry.


My question is, as I want to stay long term, what is the best course of action.


I have a few options in mind so far :

1. ED Visa + Learning Thai (allows me for 1 year without the hassle of exit, but can't travel if I want to, also adds a lot of hours to my days and I need to work for my remote clients) then ED again or METV

2. METV (if I understand correctly in this case I still have to do visa runs but I could stay up to 9 months ?) then come back with ED

3. METV or SETV with one visa run to stay in Thailand for 6 months, then go to Vietnam and do the same for 6 months (I believe this is the only option that would keep me in good terms with immigration on the long run)


Ideally, I'd like to be able to stay in Thailand most of the time so I can actually settle there but that seems like there's no way to make it happen

I've contacted a well known umbrella company as this was the best option for me but they said currently they cannot offer the service they used to (pay % of your income to them and they take care of visa + taxes for you)

They said Thai authorities "have requested they make changes to their business model"


Anyways, I'd like to have your experimented advice on what's the best path for me here, goal being to stay as long as possible

Also if I go the ED + METV route do you think it's better to start with METV or ED ?

Also I will have to renew my passport before going, so it will be a new one, I don't know if that may be important.



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OP doesn't indicate how old he is, which is always useful when giving answers.

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