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Analysts differ on baht movement as BOT sees decline 

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Every article I've read lately on the Bangkok post from Thai officials the Baht is too strong and something has to be done? That seem to be what the article is saying which is the problem I think?  As soon as comments are made outside of Thailand by non-Thais then they retract? Is it a lost of face and not wanting outsiders to criticize them so they go opposite?  Same as the thinking if business is down charge more to make up for the lost?🙃

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If you look at all of the problems that are plaguing this nation right now, and add in the decimated tourism sector, and the high potential for a worldwide recession in the near future, it is inevitable Thailand will be affected, and see a decline in the property sector, which is way too overbuilt, a continued decline in the most important parts of the tourism sector (wealthy tourists, not low baht tourism) and a subsequent decline in the Thai baht, which nearly everyone agrees is vastly overinflated at this time. 


So, yes they are probably correct to predict the baht will decline, and the locals are probably incorrect, as usual, that it will stay strong. 

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