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Activist Thunberg denounces "creative PR" in climate fight

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23 minutes ago, Enoon said:


No mystery.


She's a kid with wealthy parents and family.


Mother: Opera Singer

Father: Actor

Grandfather: Actor/Director


Mum and Dad






Any more questions?


Why not look at her entry on Wikipedia?





wouldn't think that opera singers and actors in Sweden normally were wealthy people,

parents perhaps inherited a heap or won the lottery . . . .


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32 minutes ago, Enoon said:

Any more questions?

Yeah, What's Lawrence Olivier got to do with it? 😎

Image result for olivier entertainer

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22 minutes ago, Bluespunk said:

Spot on.




she also said another thing which I think is interesting,

something along the lines of:


world leaders obviously do not believe and trust in findings by current research,

if they had and if the world leaders believed that catastrophies were around a few corners

they would have acted swiftly rather than spending time and efforts on inaction

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9 minutes ago, VincentRJ said:

The findings by current research are inconclusive and uncertain. The science is not settled. Climate Change is a complex, chaotic and non-linear system. It's impossible to determine with any accuracy the degree of influence on climate that human emissions of CO2 are having.


It's reasonable to deduce that mankind's activities in total are having at least some effect on climate, such as the massive deforestation for agriculture, and the massive urban development of concrete jungles, but it's very uncertain and foolish to think that CO2 levels can be used as a 'control knob' to stop the climate changing.

not disagreeing with you, but I do find her narrative interesting though


it is quite special what has and what is happening now,

16 year old lass having access to the world leadership

and they let her slap them when she opts to


haven't been plenty of similar during the past 100 years


wonder how long this will be kept up


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