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Tourists flock to old Nakhon Ratchasima railway station

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Tourists flock to old Nakhon Ratchasima railway station





The old Nakhon Ratchasima railway station, which started operations in 1900 as the terminus for the first-ever Nakhon Ratchasima Line from Bangkok, has once again become popular with young tourists. Hundreds of them visit the station and take selfies in the old wrecked train after news reports that the station will be completely demolished and become a part of the double-track railways project soon.


On Wednesday (December 11), the generally quiet station was bustling with tourists taking photos on the railways track, the old abandoned train, and the vintage station.


For many it was a trip down memory lane, as the station is a part of their childhood memories. 


Nakhon Ratchasima locals invited tourists nationwide to visit the station before the building is demolished and suggested to take photos at 7am to 8am and 3pm to 5.30pm for the best lighting.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/travel/30379314



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2019-12-11
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6 minutes ago, Knocker33 said:

And where are the flocks of tourists.

This site is getting more like a propaganda mouthpiece for TAT.than a forum

See above picture (and remember TIT and TAT).

She (aka flock) is the ONE in grey hoody and blue jeans standing between a set of rails.

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I've done the journey from BKK to Korat by train a few times, the scenery as it comes around the huge reservoir is fantastic, one time I came that way and as we were rounding the reservoir a huge storm blew in, none of the doors or windows would close and the rain was coming sideways into the carriage, me and the young lady with me had to hide in the toilet to escape the rain.


Unfortunately journeys like that won't be around soon which is a big shame. 

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4 hours ago, Golden Triangle said:

The scenery as it comes around the huge reservoir is fantastic,

What? You have burst my bubble. Over the decades I too have made that train journey many times and always thought that the scenery was real. Now I'm told that it is fantastic, existing only in fantasy. Computer generated perhaps?

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10 hours ago, Yinn said:




Thanks Yinn, I was asking where the "Wrecked Train" was. What you posted was a video and a photo of a nicely preserved 90 year old German built steam locomotive, along with a photo of a mass of Thais trying to board a train. Unlike India, Thais are not allowed to travel on the roof, although I am sure some would be willing to. 

Basically the article was confusing and a bit misleading.

Edited by ratcatcher
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