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Keep calling Big Oud's hotline: German arrested on 218 day overstay

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Keep calling Big Oud's hotline: German arrested on 218 day overstay




Naew Na repeated their request for the public to continue to call 1178 to help immigration with lawbreakers under chief Lt-Gen Sompong "Big Oud" Chingduang's clean-up drive.


Latest to fall foul of the measures was a 64 year old German man named as Guido W.


He was visited at a house in Moo 1, Tharai sub-district of Muang district Nakhon Sri Thammarat in Thailand's south where he was found to have overstayed his visa by 218 days. 


Naew Na said that the arrest was part of sweeps of hotels, properties and migrants residing in the area under the control of Nakhon Sri Thammarat immigration. 


Source: Naew Na




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It's getting more like East Germany, when the Stasi had everyone spying on everyone else,while I am against overstayers,they seem to be going over the top,asking the public to be basically s

He broke the law - get over it

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2 hours ago, mikebell said:

So a Thai grouse turned him in

No evidence that anyone "turned him in." Farang logic. 



he will be deported and the Thais who had been benefiting from his custom will lose out.  Thai logic.

 Or by losing a loud, rude, bigoted old cheapskate the Thais who'd been putting up with him will win out. Good riddance. Thai logic.

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