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Keep calling Big Oud's hotline: German arrested on 218 day overstay

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It's getting more like East Germany, when the Stasi had everyone spying on everyone else,while I am against overstayers,they seem to be going over the top,asking the public to be basically s

He broke the law - get over it

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3 minutes ago, richard_smith237 said:


Your point while valid belongs in a world of black and white which we don't live in. Thai's legal and moral spectrum by far exceeds the simplicity of your 'black and white' world of absolutes.


Someone who overstays lives in a 'grey area' where they are doing no one any harm and possibly supporting someone - from a moral perspective its difficult to consider this a crime. 


Much like someone who brings in an extra bottle of booze, or forgets to use their indicator at a junction - yes there is a law / regulation which is broken but when using our discretion we can easily consider it so minor not to be worth our attention. 


With the benefit of our intelligence and discretion we can easily consider an overstayer harmless and none of our business (unless they have crossed us in someway or doing something morally reprehensible), while more serious crimes should of course should be reported. 


This is where we have the dichotomy of Thai Policing: 

- Report and overstayer and there is a 5 man response team to arrest him. 

- Report someone beating up their girlfriend and the Police are not interested. 


I know which issue I'm morally bound to report and which one I have no issues ignoring. 

Sure, I agree that the police is doing wrong by not reacting to a call about someone beating up his girlfriend. However, that makes no difference. Just because one thing is not working, you can not agree to allow more things to slip. It´s not your thing ot decide what is more important. I would say both, to comply with the right line of policing.

What you just did with your post was to approve more discretion of the law both for citizens and the police.

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2 hours ago, mikebell said:

So a Thai grouse turned him in; he will be deported and the Thais who had been benefiting from his custom will lose out.  Thai logic.

If I remember right wasn't this exactly what germans did themselves?

only deporting was by train.

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36 minutes ago, Docno said:

And I'm sure he'll find defenders here who will argue that he just forgot when his visa would be expiring...

A 218 day overstay could happen to anybody......Some times I forget to buy some milk at 7-11 .....He just had minor forgetfulness....

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I am pretty sure all those that live here are aware of the burden placed on all of us by immigration so there is little wiggle room to claim lack of knowledge by the guy in question.  It's sad for him that he will not be allowed into Thailand again for 5 years,  but he only has to look in a mirror to see who it is he has to blame. 

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