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British Passport Renewal ( by post using agent )

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I've posted in the Phuket forum but thought might get some more recommendations here.


To save a trip to Bangkok considering using an agent to renew British passport.


Have seen key visa mentioned a lot and a couple of recommendations in the Phuket forum, mixed reviews on google and they seem very busy to reply to messages.


Any other recommendations for an agent specifically when posting in to them?


Or I may just do it myself, can you get appointments quite easily/quickly, how long until passport is back, any recent experiences?


The only thing I am unsure about is the proof of address which has been updated according to an email from vfs when I asked them (they don't offer any help by email just want me to call passport helpline in UK).


"Please provide one of the following: • visa or resident permit (or colour photocopy) • tax record eg a letter from a tax authority • educational record eg school report • employment record eg official letter from your employer • letter sent to you from a central, regional or local government department • medical/health card • voter’s card • immigration documents."


No bank statement or drivers licence accepted??



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You just email VFS with 3 dates and times that you want to make the appointment - they reply back with one


For address I used a TOT bill


Time back for PP is anything from 10 days to a month


If you are in Phuket it makes sense to use a agent - I believe the cost is around 5k - otherwise you need to make 2 trips to BKK if you want to do it yourself


Search the archives on the forum to find some decent agents

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