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I have access to free Kwai poo and put some on my very young Durian tree as an experiment and on a young bush as well.

pick it up off the road leading to the fields on my walks.


Have read both opinions on whether best wet(green) or dry, top of soil or dug in slightly.  Anybody with knowledge of best practice posting will be appreciated.

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Answer is simple. Do not use fresh manure on plants regardless of what animal it comes from. Call it compost or decomposed material it needs to have moisture as well as a C:N ratio that is appropriate and the right pH level. That need maturation after finishing (the technical <deleted>)

If that is all you have then there are two issues. One, it needs time to break down (microbial action) and it is not going to rain for a while. Two, keep it away from the trunk, spread it under the drip line (outside edge of the plant). Having done both, water the plant as you normally do.

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As IsanAussie has rightly pointed out, you should leave the manure (for 6 months) to let the bactaria die. 

After that, it can be spread on the garden and grow beds. Alternatively, you could make a "tea" with it. Throw a few scoops of the matured manure into a barrel of water and leave it for a few days. The lid should be losely left on. Ideally drop an air-stone (both air stone and air pump can be purchased at your local pet store) in the barrel to deep the mix aerated. Otherwise, jusy stir the "tea" really well a few times a day. After a few days, you can pour the tea on the garden/growbeds. This way, the roots can take up the nutrients quicker i.e. you don't have to wait for the rainy season to wash the manure into the soil. 

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