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China to buy $50 billion in U.S. farm products in return for tariff concessions-U.S. sources

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Floundering and ceding? No, you meant to say he's "succeeding". No floundering either. Just protecting the folks that elected him. Sure the farmers had to wait a while for it  to get done but negotiat

Promises kept, another excellent  deal for Americans Thanks Mr. President

I will give you top marks for optimism and loyalty but low marks for reality and failure to understand the mind of the Chinese. The trade deal is far from being negotiated and devil in the details. Th

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This is not a "done deal" and might just be a Chinese feint to buy time to permanently replace US agricultural imports:


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11 hours ago, Tug said:

Good but sadly lo late for many farm families 


This isn't farm families. This is agro-biz. Corporations that own square miles of land and multi-million dollar machines that harvest. Somehow tears always well up for the 'farmers'. 


So the dems always say the poor 'farmers' and then they talk about how farming needs to be stopped, beef is killing the planet, climate change (ethanol), tax soda (corn syrup) and plan to basically bankrupt those 'poor farmers'. 


This is not impacting the guy with a 40 acre spread selling eggs at the market locally. 


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11 hours ago, HuskerDo said:

 [Chinese] citizens have a high tolerance threshold of pain and suffering

the Chinese political/ruling class do not value human life. Having a high pain threshold just means spending more time in agony before your death.  Would love to see what would happen to Greta if she were to attack China who is arguably the world's biggest polluter ...

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14 hours ago, spidermike007 said:

The man who cannot negotiate his way out of a paper bag, has agreed to end the trade war with China, over an agreement to buy a measly $25 billion in additional agricultural products from the US? I knew this would end badly. Trump is caving, as he is pathologically fearful of losing the election in 2020. Xi got over on him, as did Kim, Putin, MBS, and nearly everyone else he has attempted to negotiate a deal with. He is a two bit deal maker, who is fairly adept at doing a deal on a 15 unit apartment building, or selling condos to Russian gangsters. Anything else, and he is in way over his head. Many of us knew he would get his butt kicked by China. But who thought is would be this gruesome? 

I'm sorry but are you referring to Trump or those that came before him?


A MEASLY $25 billion in AG products? Did you say MEASLY? Have a chat with the farm community and get back to me on that one. 

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