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Department of Health suggests wearing masks to protect against PM 2.5

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21 hours ago, webfact said:

“Currently the PM 2.5 level is at 101-200 by air quality index (AQI) standard, indicated by the orange color, and will start to affect the health if people are exposed to the air for too long,” she said.

I wonder of T.A.T will mention this in their 2020 glossy brochure?

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13 hours ago, Nyezhov said:

Yeah sad as it is, I think Im out of here in the first part of March. The bad air screws with my activities. I think next year I will spend time in Cambo.

I'm with you on that, looking to go south for a couple of months with the family during March/April, would like to actually go come February when they start really burning the rice and sugarcane, plan B will eventually come into play if it gets really bad as it ain't worth the long term health effects to stay here with the kids.


I download the IQAir AirVisual app the other day and I see my area at 99 this morning, unhealthy, and I look at back home, 43 healthy, and burning season here hasn't started, yesterday it was 127 or 137 

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