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Septoplasty Nose - price in Thailand

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I have a question - have someone who know the price for Septoplasty Nose in Hospital in Thailand?

becuase I cannot find any information about this in internet - dont have any information about the price

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It will differ enormously depending on hospital.


 Government hospitals being 1/5 the cost of the most expensive private hospitals but entailing long waits and orher inconveniences. Not a viable option for a medical tourist but possible if yoy live here and have the time and patience.


I suggest you email Saint Louis Hospitsl for a quote. They tend to estimate a bit higher than average, most hospitals will to avoid problems with the patient later. Whatever they tell you will be about average for a private hospital and about 1/4 that will be the likely cost at a government hospital.




For this particular surgery good pre op screening is essential to be sure it is really likely to improve symptoms. Just because the septum is a bit deviated does not necessarily mean symptoms will improve after repair.


There is avery good ENT at St. Louis, Prof  Songklot.

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