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Customers in Pattaya’s famous bars and nightclubs down a whopping 40%

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7 minutes ago, GeorgeCross said:

just the last few stubborn sexpats to chase away its game over for thailands naughty nightlife.

Don't the ones in the know just drive a bit away from tourist central? They always used to?

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“You reap what you sow”   All those western tourists you took for granted with shocking service, hand out expectations, price increases, assults, greediness, infatuation with Chinese tourist

"...As well as the pretties shouldn't turn down older Farang.  Were the bread and butter!!!"   Actually, you aren't the bread and butter.   You are the lard...    

Easy.  Increase prices by 40% !  

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1 hour ago, Fancyzancy said:


As well as the pretties shouldn't turn down older Farang.  

up to them right? 


You go do it. 

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1 hour ago, ThaiBunny said:

Not quite. If numbers are down by 40% you need to increase prices by 67% to get back to the same revenue - 40% of 100 = 60%. Divide the original 100 by 60% and you get ~ 1.67 

God that's why i hated maths

Oh i was a lending manager for HSBC luckily it was computerisd  by then

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