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Customers in Pattaya’s famous bars and nightclubs down a whopping 40%

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“You reap what you sow”   All those western tourists you took for granted with shocking service, hand out expectations, price increases, assults, greediness, infatuation with Chinese tourist

"...As well as the pretties shouldn't turn down older Farang.  Were the bread and butter!!!"   Actually, you aren't the bread and butter.   You are the lard...    

Easy.  Increase prices by 40% !  

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19 minutes ago, toenail said:

Now days a “young buck” can meet up with a Thai gal on internet and avoid the “off fees” or drink rip offs.

Probably more likely the reason for bar customer drop offs.

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The tourists changed. There are not so many sex and bar tourists anymore. But Pattaya doesn't seem to get the message and builds more and more bars to increase the red light district. Just recently I walked at this new Tree Town Pattaya area. It was 3 in the morning (closing time is 2 but obviously nobody cares) and pretty much all bars were open but empty. They just created noise. Only difference was the bar "Area 39" with extremely noisy live music and mostly Thai teenagers.

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