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Campral / Acamprosate in Thailand?

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Hi all


Is it possible to buy Campral or the generic version in Thailand without a prescription? Or if not, is it possible to order from an overseas online pharmacy and have it sent? My understanding is, it is licensed in Thailand, but nobody actually produces it. 


Thanks in advance.

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There is no brand of this available in Thailand. . The drug as a generic is approved for use but there are no registered brands on the market. That means no manufacturer has registered a brand with the Thai FDA


Ordering pharmaceuticals by mail is technically illegal without an import license which you cannot get.  In practice Customs will usually let through small quantities for personal use if sent by regular mail (never a courier, guaranteed customs problems that way). Small quantity being key.


However it is not really something that should be self prescribed (there are serious potential adverse effects) nor does it usually work if not combined with other types of therapy or support e.g. professional counseling or AA.


Diarrhea is the most common side effects but other potential ones include  allergic reactions, abnormal heart rhythms, low or high blood pressure, headaches, insomnia, and impotence.


It is contraindicated in people with kidney disease. Also causes  CNS depression in some people so should not drive after taking at least nto at first until you know how it affects you and should not combine with other depressent drugs.


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