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Reporting in Prachap Khiri Khan province

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Seeking information, ideally from someone who lives in the southern part of Prachuap, or has done so recently.

I Intend to move from Bangkok to Bang Saphan district in early January next year. 
I will have to do the TM30 report myself (as I have done in Bangkok). I would like to know  -

(1) if this can be done at Dan Singkhon Immigration office, or would I have to go to Hua Hin? 

(2) what documents are required?  I have only a rental contract; do I need copies of owner's ID card and Blue Housebook?  Anything else, apart from usual passport copies?

(3) any other advice about immigration requirements when living in this province.  I will have to do extension of stay in March.



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I live 15km from Dansingkorn

TM 30 It can be done at DanSingkhon

Cant help on docs though  my wife did it once for me on return from uk ,she just gave them the blue book and her ID card they filled it all in for her .... got the impression it was all a bit much for them and they would prefer to ignore it

extension of stay retirement marriage visa must go to HH

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Hua Hin immigration is part of Dan Sinkhon immigration.  It's just an outpost of the main office near the border.


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