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Opinion: Pattaya's bar and nightlife image is dead - operators must change or face extinction

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Opinion: Pattaya's bar and nightlife image is dead - operators must change or face extinction



Image: PPTV


News coming out of Pattaya leaves an inescapable conclusion. 


The image of Thailand's number one seaside resort as a place for bars and nightlife is over. 


And if bar owners don't accept the reality that they have to change they face the inevitable - going bust.


PPTV repeated details contained in other reports quoting Damrongkiet Pinitkarn, secretary of the entertainment and tourism industry association in Pattaya. 


Apart from the Indian market it was all doom and gloom - tourism was down up to 40% compared to last year, tourists were increasingly going to competitors like Vietnam where they could get more for their money. 


Even the Chinese who are still coming to Pattaya - never great visitors to the bars anyway - are even shunning normal hotels in increasing numbers. 


Many are opting to rent houses and pool villas and go in for self-catering, said Damrongkiet. 


He suggested that the outlook was bleak and that owners of beer bars, pubs and discos need to reinvent themselves or go under. 


It was clear - Pattaya as a hub of nightlife entertainment is no more. There are not enough visitors to support this and the resort needs to change its image or face extinction. 


Damrongkiet - apart from mentioning Indian visitors - did mention one crumb of comfort. 


Plans to develop the Eastern Economic Corridor could see tourists return in the future. 


But with infrastructure like the high speed train and improvements to local transport not coming until at least 2023 it remains to be seen if businesses in Pattaya can survive before things improve.


For many unable to weather the storm it will be adjust now or die.


Source: PPTV



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-12-14
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