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UK PM Johnson cannot keep Scotland in union against its will: Sturgeon

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2 minutes ago, RuamRudy said:

You do understand, don't you, that three quarters of Scotland don't want brexit full stop regardless of how successful it is? We also want nothing whatsoever to do with the nasty party, as demonstrated consistently since 1955.

Rudy - Sorry to go off topic, but what will the Scots do when turned down flat for another referendum. A genuine question.

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Johnson and the rest of the Tory extreme right will eventually allow a new Scottish referendum to get rid of the Labour voters of Scotland strengthening the Tory electoral grip on Little England, although the Scots haven't been voting Labour so much lately.  It's part of the Tory program of rebranding Britain as the New Cayman Islands of Europe.


While Scottish independence would be emotionally satisfying, they should only take that step if it also makes sense economically.  I understand that Westminster is paying Scottish pensions, which is why the older generation of Scots did not vote leave in 2014.  Can an independent Scotland afford to maintain its retirees?  After the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, the pensioners suffered the most, ending up eat out of dumpsters.


It would have been better for Scotland to pursue independence while the North Sea oil production was still at peak twenty years ago.  They could have been another Norway, but they didn't go for it then.  

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