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Thais need to lower their prices: Starbucks coffee more in Thailand than Berlin

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Please get back on your meds.😬

Pretty much everything is more expensive in Thailand in comparison to the UK, with the exceptions being accommodation, THAI food and cigarettes.

I get the impression that lots of Thais buy starbugs products to be able to run around with those containers and show everybody that they can afford that coffee. Kind of: Look at me, I can afford this

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4 minutes ago, LomSak27 said:


STarbucks like any other company in Thailand has a 51 per cent controlling interest held by a thai national. 

 I think USA companies not need 51% in thailand. “Amity”


maybe I wrong? Not sure.

https://www.siam-legal.com/Business-in-Thailand/US-Thai Amity.php


4 minutes ago, LomSak27 said:



If Thailand had a coffee I really enjoyed I would buy it. As it is I buy coffee from Indonesia. US and Europe and bring it in my checked luggage when I return from trips. Less than half the price and better taste. BTW I think I have drank about every brand of coffee thailand produces. If you have a favorite post it up, I Certainly will try it if I have't already. 

 I agree. I like Vietnam coffee and Malaysia “white” coffee. 

In the south Thailand the Malaysia white coffee can get tax free (smuggle easy).


i like drink “fresh coffee” กาแฟสด. And frappe. Usually “southern Coffee” franchise. Also one “Brown Sugar”.


Good for frappe, maybe not good for hot coffee? I not know that.



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