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Thais need to lower their prices: Starbucks coffee more in Thailand than Berlin

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Please get back on your meds.😬

Pretty much everything is more expensive in Thailand in comparison to the UK, with the exceptions being accommodation, THAI food and cigarettes.

I get the impression that lots of Thais buy starbugs products to be able to run around with those containers and show everybody that they can afford that coffee. Kind of: Look at me, I can afford this

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3 minutes ago, Damrongsak said:

I've only had a couple cups of Starbucks  brew when nothing else was available.  Must have been Crappacino de Cardboard. 

That is elevating it beyond its real standard, building false hopes

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35 minutes ago, RJRS1301 said:

That is elevating it beyond its real standard, building false hopes

Guess I'll go back to a mix of Ya Baa, Red Bull and Lao Khao.  It goes well with the chopped raw meat and fresh Thai hot peppers.  Chai Yo!  See you (soon) in the next lifetime.

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If only it was coffee.....many items in the regular malls are more then in Europe....what next ? The soapy entertainers will get their heads turned and start billing similar rates as in Europe ? Well...if there are suckers, mainly from South Korea, China or Japan who are willing to pay....

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On 12/15/2019 at 9:55 PM, 4MyEgo said:


To conclude, at a recent trip to Sydney, both my wife and I found clothes to be far cheaper than here and better in quality, Some food items where cheaper, some on par, a couple of others a little more expensive, the above said it if wasn't for house prices or rents back in Oz, one could pretty much survive as one does here IMO 

When my wife goes back to Thailand, she brings clothing to the relatives from the USA.  Better quality and cheaper in the USA when on sale.  Made in Vietnam or Bangladesh, typically.  My wife is a seamstress x 40+ years and knows her stuff.  (I met her in a clothing market in Loei back in 1977). The stuff sold locally is that which isn't worth exporting.

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