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Video: Farang goes viral dancing to Thai music at a funeral

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Apparently Thais dance at funerals too ! (Note - the linked story is in Thai and Google translate does a <deleted> job of translating it):






They call her "big girl" in the article and she apparently claimed that a spirit had entered her body and made her dance so that makes it OK (don't want to <deleted> off those spirits after all) !

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Maybe is funeral for his wife?

At many Thai funerals there will be loud music,alcohol and gambling..I'm pretty sure no one cared much or was offended by a dancing foreigner.

What a total douchebag. Appearently he have no clue about that that he is dancing to music played at a burial ceremony, or he is just one of those despicable persons that just do not care about his be

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On 12/16/2019 at 9:18 AM, DrPhibes said:

Yup, that is what I want at my cremation, but he had better pick up the pace as he would be dancing to "One Step Beyond" by Bad Manners.  And, yes I am old enough to remember the show financed by an Aluminium (for you Brits) company!

One step beyond was by madness. 

Special Brew by bad manners now that is a good funeral tune

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