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Video: Farang goes viral dancing to Thai music at a funeral

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Maybe is funeral for his wife?

At many Thai funerals there will be loud music,alcohol and gambling..I'm pretty sure no one cared much or was offended by a dancing foreigner.

What a total douchebag. Appearently he have no clue about that that he is dancing to music played at a burial ceremony, or he is just one of those despicable persons that just do not care about his be

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Actual dancing drunk on the way to the temple and in the temple ground is pretty common in Thailand. I did that with my Thai friends several times. Then we get into the temple, tamboon & wai pra, and go back home.


If that's during a funeral that's another story though especially when it's crowded... Funeral often last several days, and I've also heard people sing during funerals to release the stress.

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5 hours ago, Leaver said:

Let the competition for guessing his nationality start.  🙂


From his dance moves, I get the feeling he either lives here, or has been here many times.  If so, he should know he is not dressed appropriately for a temple.  He also looks a little unsteady on his feet as well, and not from the dancing.  He may have been intoxicated.


In the clip, we can't see what he is seeing, but you can see the chairs laid out for a gathering, but rather than keep a low profile and let the Thai's do their thing, and just observe, this guy draws attention to himself.


Depending on how the Thai's take this clip, he may get some attention from authorities. 


Like many things that go viral on the internet, you either become famous, or arrested, or both.  🙂

You become famous or infamous.

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                            He should only sit down, listening to the monks prayers,

                            like the Thai people do and then, finally, bye bye monks,

                            Now we can start drink and gamble! 

                            I`ve been to a few funerals down here and everybody is just waiting

                            for the monks to go home to their temples, so the fun can begin! 





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