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disappearing posts and permission to view posts

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i wrote a post on two tide gauges in bkk area showing entirely different readings,

one predicting flood by 2050 and the other gauge predicting flood by year 8000.


i later referenced back to that post in two other threads where the issue

of bkk flooding came up

rather then post it all over again, but now that post is gone


first pic is a reply containing my original post that is now gone,

the others show or should show my link

what happened ?

moderator incompetence.jpg

link to post.jpg

link to post 2.jpg

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It was hidden (not by me) as "unsourced", I'm assuming because there was no link to the source of that data.


If you PM me a link I can deal with it.


Meanwhile, since this thread is a discussion on moderation I'm going to have to close it.


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