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What food or sundry items to bring from USA with the latest prices?

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Crystal Light



Jolly Rancher

See’s (wife & office) 


Snyder’s hard-a** pretzels


Caned Jalapeños & salsa 




Razor blades and related products

Shoes (13EEE)

Undershirts & shorts 





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Sees chocolate store nearby. 

Tools such  as? Good set of craftsman screw drivers?


I wear 501 shrink to fit.  I can buy here for 1500 baht.  I priced some at 2800 in Thailand.  

Jolly rancher? Not available in th? Might go over well with the kids in the village. 

I see you have a Mexican food  craving that is not being met.  


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New check station was running t swampy but still only checking <.%.   Report  on immigration.   I made it to bag claim before luggage did. 1:30 am.  

I think people bring items to give to friends or to sell or items they cannot get here in Thailand.  Not really to eat while they are on vacation.   Couldn't find jolly ranchers  at 4 stores??  But did bring lots of USA  made candies for kids in her village.   Flying through  china sucks.  

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