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Overstaying Swede - 1,001 days -  no match for Big Oud's "Smart Car"

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Overstaying Swede - 1,001 days -  no match for Big Oud's "Smart Car"



Picture: Naew Na


Ubon Ratchathani immigration police deployed their SPC (Smart Patrol Car) and it came up trumps. 


The onboard biometrics technology was used to check a Swedish man's passport outside a rented house in Moo 2, Khom Jiam district of the north eastern Thai city.


Per-Olof, 65, was found to be on overstay of 1,001 days. 


He had arrived in Thailand in January 2017 and been granted 30 days stay on a tourist visa. 


Since then he had stayed in a variety of places but never left the kingdom. 



Picture: Naew Na


Immigration chief Lt-Gen Sompong "Big Oud" Chingduang presented the case at a press briefing yesterday. 


Naew Na said that the Swede was picked up on November 19th at 7 pm. 


A vinyl board hailed the part played in the arrest by the biometrics aboard the Smart Patrol Car. 


Source: Naew Na




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-12-17
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Why the need for all the biometrics? Surely all they have to do is open the passport and check the stamp, but I guess that doesn't sound as glamorous as a 'smart car'

What brave Officers they are with all that Technology.    Shame they don't find someway to use it to catch really serious criminals of their own creed that appear able to flee the country at will, or

Big Oud needs to be careful, Big Joke got carried away with catching farangs, and using giant posters. Look what happened to him, he became the joke. Both of them just want Big headlines, oh

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There's a checkpoint every few miles around where I live because of all the illegal Burmese etc. I don't even know how someone could overstay unless they never left their house. Seems to me an awful way to live life 

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