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Thaivisa exclusive: Indian entertainment moguls plan to open "Nana Plaza" style Go-Go venue in Pattaya

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They probably know how to deal with the special environment. Good they bring some action to Avenue. MS>

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Okay I am a little confused.  between south and central is a large area.  Can some of you guys narrow it down for me.


It sounds like he is trying to or going to compete with the Thais that own Walking Street.


If that is the case it might not be a bad idea.  They need to change walking street anyway it is looking more and more ike a crowded version of PatPong and soi Cowboy rolled into one thing.


If they are sucessful and the guys on waling street start to lose business then maybe they can revamp it to a family area like they planned.  Yes I am dreaming.

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3 hours ago, moonseeker said:

He will regret his decision sooner or later, like so many, even legit industries. LOS ain't that simple to navigate. MS>

I withdraw my comment. Too spontaneous and generalized. We have some extremely successful Indians in Pattaya and they don't show off and are smart, educated and nice people. My assumption somebody would get blue-eyed into such a major venture was plein wrong. Have a nice day. 



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