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Low-carb question with relation to Thailand shopping conditions 

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At the age of 70, I'm pursuing a low-carb nutrition plan, and it seems to work: In less than 3 months, I've so far lost 12 kg (from 86 to 74). But there are several more to go, because this is not the ideal weight yet (which seems to be BMI x height squared). This is a stony path, so at times it doesn't continue progressing according to the book followed so far, and you have to find new tweaks to make it continue working for you. 


For those familiar with the issue, the following may be self-evident, but for those who haven't been repelled yet and simply hang on out of curiosity: Fx this article 




will give you some insight into the issue. I would assume that from now on, everybody agrees that under this scheme, fat is not a problem, while sugar is (this plays into my following question)?


Alright: In a nutritional forum, I have now received this advice: 'Cream would be the top of the list (35% fat).' First, english not being my native language I'm not 100 % certain what he means by 'cream'. He won't mean whipped cream because it is filled with sugar. So what exactly does it mean, and where can I get it here? (If you're in Pattaya, where there? I looked for something suitable at the Foodmart, but all I see are more or less fancy containers displaying 'low fat'.) 


Any experts in ths forum willing to share their knowledge?   .)


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He means “cream”.  Not whipped cream.  Not clotted cream.  Not chocolate, vanilla or banana cream.



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In Thailand full fat cream comes in UHT containers and is often referred to as whipping cream. Does not contain any added sugar.


See these links:





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Not to hijack the thread but has anyone ever seen sugarless gelatin (Jello)? Thx.



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If losing weight and resetting your body's processes is your goal, look into intermittent fasting.  18/6


  But before engaging in such diet make sure you don't have any underlying conditions that would make such diet not advisable.

   It is a very easy diet to follow, because it easily fits into your lifestyle,and once your body adjusts to it (a few weeks) you don't even have to think about it. and as such you can easily maintain it. 

 Eat your last meal at about 6 pm (hours can be adjusted to fit your schedule)   don't eat anything after that,which is a good practice anyway because you don't go to bed with a full stomach , you don't extract  more calories from your food while you sleep, and you get a better nights sleep.

   Skip Breakfast. you can have coffee , drink water. 

Next meal at 12 pm, you have now fasted 18 hrs.   Have a good lunch, anything you wand and as much as you want,(but don't go crazy, and try to stay away from complex carbohydrates)   a snack at about 3 and again if desired dinner at 6 pm.  

  Very easy and your body adjust , I no longer think about it,or crave for food, many times I don't even eat dinner anymore, just have a protein drink. I just don't feel like eating dinner anymore. 

  I get up in the morning at about 7 am have a cup of coffee, , do chores, read a little, at 10 am I go to the gym, 11:30 come back home  before you know it it is time to eat lunch.

 If one night you want to go out to dinner with friends later than 6pm, No Problem  push you lunch back a little later. Or even skip fasting that day. you don't need to do it 7 days a week, you can have a sunday vacations from it.

I am  5'10" now weigh 170  lbs I have a flat stomach, my head is clear, and I don't feel bloated all the time.

Do a little reading about it and see what you think. 



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