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Where are the Europeans? Hua Hin/Cha Am tourism officials urged to look elsewhere for next wave of tourists

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2 hours ago, sfokevin said:

Someone at this meeting should have stood up and told the TAT cronies that f$#@ing with the retirement visa rules caused the loss of farrang community and this is just the beginning of the exudus... :coffee1:

Doesn't affect tourists. (Doesn't seriously affect most expats either).

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3 hours ago, apalink_thailand said:

I thought the plan was big spending Indians and busloads of low end Chinese tour groups? Oh wait, simple quiet beaches aren’t of much interest to that crowd.

I hope not, am off for a quiet 3 day post Xmas break in Cha Am & looking forward to not having to jostle with the crowds. 



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1 minute ago, ireckonso said:

Well at least they didn't use the word "lure" in this article.

It's actually a correct translation IMO. You might think "attract" might be better but use of "lure" shows that the translator knew their job.

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