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Where are the Europeans? Hua Hin/Cha Am tourism officials urged to look elsewhere for next wave of tourists

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Someone at this meeting should have stood up and told the TAT cronies that f$#@ing with the retirement visa rules caused the loss of farrang community and this is just the beginning of the exudus... 

Where are all the Europeans??  Ahh, Vietnam would be my guess. lol   

Where are the Europeans? Hua Hin/Cha Am tourism officials urged to look elsewhere for next wave of tourists     A meeting was held in Hua Hin yesterday called a "Market Briefing".

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I think these articles are a bit unfair.


Did the meeting really went on in such a comedic jargon as expressed in this article?


It's a bit of ridiculous journalism written by your average Thai Visa poster.

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6 minutes ago, MikeRing said:

The CAD is so low and the Baht is too high. I wouldn't expect them to come for much longer. Texas, Mexico etc are only 4-5 hours away, $500 flight and getting cheaper than Thailand.

The Canadian Peso is not doing very well these days, so yes it will have an affect on tourism to here... it is also not doing well against the US dollar.  Canadians visiting Thailand are small in number by comparison -- as it is quite a distance for a short break.  My sisters have and continue to visit here regularly, but that is more that they are posted to hardship posts (relatively close by in comparison) and get as part of it packages as part of hardship postings -- to take holidays... and Thailand tends to be one of their favourites.  For those living in Canada, it is much rarer to see them visit here...  Farang tourists are more likely to be Australia/NZ and Europe -- as it is a reasonable distance.  


The greatest impact on tourism is financial in nature -- though to be quite honest the government should be more focused on transitioning the economy further from relying to heavily on tourism...  The volume of tourists is too high for a country like Thailand and high numbers like that do more damage to the environment here.   Tourism should focus more on transitioning to a sustainable (and higher value) model. 

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similar at Manu 1st, after the Wednesday meetings, (it was a rehearsal ????) re-meeting on the same theme, today, Thursday.
Considering the hilarious mouths of the representatives of the serfs, it is not water that there is in the big goblets, but schnapps.


Le patron du syndicat CGT, Philippe Martinez (D), reçu à Matignon en présence du Premier ministre Edouard Philippe et de la ministre de la Santé Agnès Buzyn, le 18 décembre 2019







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