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Buriram: Savage dog attack leaves three year old girl dead

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Buriram: Savage dog attack leaves three year old girl dead



Picture: Daily News


A grandfather described the terrifying moment when he found his three year old granddaughter in the jaws of a savage dog in the village. 


He wrenched little Tenggwa from the mouth of the female dog and rushed her to hospital. 


But it was too late - she had been severely bitten in her neck and head.


Now villagers and police in the hamlet in Khok Khamin sub-district of Plap Plachai district have sealed off the area to try and capture the four year old dog who is called "Nang Jingjork".


Maa jingjork is the Thai word for a fox, but the dog responsible for the attack is a mixed Bang Kaew, a Thai breed. 


The alleged owner of the dog has refused to accept responsibility and has claimed it is a stray. 


A tearful Phinit, 50, told Daily News that he and his wife cared for their granddaughter after her parents split up and her mother went to work in Bangkok. 


The three year old was tagging along behind her grandmother as she went to get water for some buffaloes in a field. 


But Tenggwa - displaying the innocence and characteristics of a small child - wandered off. The grandmother called Phinit to go looking for her. 


He got on his motorcycle and drove around the village only to see in horror that the dog was tossing his granddaughter from side to side like a ragdoll.


It had the little girl's neck and head in its mouth. 


He said he rushed her to hospital but it was too late. He reported the matter to Plap Plachai police and together with villagers they went looking for the dog. 


He said that the owner of the dog denied any responsibility saying that the dog was not theirs. 


Source: Daily News




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-12-19
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Classic. Had the dog been run over by a car or motorbike, the owner would claim compensation.

What a tragic heartbreaking story, poor little mite. Long past time something was done about all the soi dogs here, sadly all we ever get is talk, but no action.

Heart breaking. Too little, too late but the dog needs to be found and destroyed. 

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