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Good Morning,I am slightly disabled so have a lady calling in to help out(she lives 5 min. walk)

This morning she arrived with and wanted me to sign a contract of employment with her saying I can't tell her not to come back,and if I do I have to pay her for 3 months.

Her "Friend"told if I don't she can go to the police.

Do some people think that all Falang stupid?

She now has no money no job,clean the room myself and call restaurant for food.


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Seems logical she want some security as you seem to have employed her. 


Still its a bit over the top but I understand her too. Maybe find some common ground, I would not want to work for someone who at any time could tell me its over. You probably dont want a long term contract. 


Find middle ground be sensible. In the west you would have to giver her a contract (in this country too but you might be able to work around it)

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