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Hua Hin: Expect traffic disruption as railway piers constructed in Bon Kai

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1 hour ago, HHTel said:

Almost 100% (you can never be 100% sure in Thailand).  As far as I know, and all the info points to it, is that this is part of the dual track system planned for the whole of Thailand.  The elevated section is only 4km through Hua hin.  The rest is ground level.  More stations and better platforms to allow disabled etc etc. plus bridges and u-turns are also planned.


1 metre track is the most common in Thailand (over 4,000 kms) whereas 'standard track' is only laid in 80 kms


High Speed trains need a standard gauge track (1.4 mtrs).



And the program is only doubling the tracks, therefore the existing track I do not think we can speak of high speed at a maximum of 120/130 Km per hour and in any case no one spoke of high speed for the trains from Bangkok to Chumpong but only a doubling of the away, and in any case a very safe and fast means of transport for Thailand has also been told by the government that there is an intention to buy new trains for next year, but then all the high managers of the railway company have given the resign, why nobody know , only wait and see.....


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16 hours ago, NCC1701A said:

The dual track train is going to be great. I am really looking forward to seeing the new train station in Hua Hin and exploring the dozens of new stations being built all up and down the coast. This will be finished about the time I will stop riding my motorcycle so good timing for me. And I can go south to PKK even faster. The new train station at Bang Sue is going to be amazing. Super futuristic building. 


Don't forget to vote for me for POTY. Do it right now and you immortal soul will be saved.


I heard Hua Hin is being renamed Petticoat Junction.


watched this goofy show when I was kid, which one did you fantasize over?

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