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Netizens rage! Angry Farang locked Thai workers up in dog cage!

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Grab any story at all just to bash the Farang. Another fake story.

Yes we should all believe what someone posts, especially without credible evidence, ahhhhh social media, by the way, I am a male and 6 months pregnant, there you heard it here on TVF first 🙂  

Why all the fuss? Locked in cages with no food or water!!!! Only the same as the Prakonchai plod did with me, only food/ water i got was brought in to me by Jip99 and his missus.

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Barking mad: Workers in Buri Ram complain of being detained by kennel owner

By The Nation




Police were called on Sunday (December 22) to a kennel in Buri Ram’s Ban Kruat district to investigate a claim by a worker that the staff were being kept captive by the owner of a shelter called “The Sound of Animals” 


When the officers arrived, they found 15 workers arguing with owner Michael  and his wife Tanyanun. 




Savoey, 41, who is employed by the kennels told police that the shelter has a staff of 15 looking after the dogs and that between them they take care of 15 to 20 canines, feeding, bathing and exercising them for a monthly salary of Bt10,000. While they are satisfied with the salary, they have to put up with Chour’s frequent angry outbursts.


“It’s getting harder and everyone is bitten often but Michael will not let the workers go to the hospital until their shifts are finished at 6.30pm and they have to pay for the treatment themselves,” she claimed.




She went to the police after the owner ordered the staff into the kennel and refused to let them leave as a punishment for talking outside. Because the only water was outside, they became dehydrated, 


Tanyanun admitted that her husband had a quick temper but said the workers must do the jobs for which they are paid. “If the dogs don’t get enough care, he gets mad,” she said. “But the claim that they were detained is untrue. The doors weren’t locked so they could have gone out anytime they wanted.”


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30379743



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2019-12-23


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1 hour ago, keith101 said:

If its that bad they can quit anytime , they're not being forced to work their and pretty much mostly only have one dog to take care of so not exactly overworked are they .


I can only imagine how much time they spend sitting around talking/smoking like most Thai workers you see everywhere around the country .

Or, I know it sounds crazy, how about just treating them with some respect and not making them wait till the end of their shift to go to a hospital if they have been bitten - crazy I know.... or we could just ignore them cos Mr Barstool says Thais are lazy

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Story is very incomplete. He is accused of killing dogs for no reason. 22 known cases,accused of being a fraud , pretending to be a vet , mistreatment of animals .

accused of tax evasion , refusing to show books to all donors. Had to pay and did pay 1.8 baht in tax just last week. 

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19 minutes ago, legend49 said:

Meanwhile the economy is crashing, tourism is dead. no one is spending money and we get this as a headline???

At least 3 of these statements seem to be false... :cool:



4 hours ago, Jessi said:

Grab any story at all just to bash the Farang.

Another fake story.

Fake? A police report is not a proof enough for you ?? :blink:

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