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Netizens rage! Angry Farang locked Thai workers up in dog cage!

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On 12/22/2019 at 6:53 PM, Momofarang said:

But he developed his "Go fund me" to the extent where he employs about 10 people to take care of hundreds of dogs. There will be some nice work for the authorities who let the situation develop...

I wonder if he has a work permit and appropriate visa?

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Grab any story at all just to bash the Farang. Another fake story.

Yes we should all believe what someone posts, especially without credible evidence, ahhhhh social media, by the way, I am a male and 6 months pregnant, there you heard it here on TVF first 🙂  

Why all the fuss? Locked in cages with no food or water!!!! Only the same as the Prakonchai plod did with me, only food/ water i got was brought in to me by Jip99 and his missus.

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