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Frenchman accepts he was not extorted by Thai police - might have been his Thai/Indian friend instead

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After 5 hours in a darkened room with 6 police officers and a taser he also agreed that the police did not extort money from him.

Still extortion as they wanted 8000$ for quick release, it just happened that thai gf nicked it.    As well if no drugs were found on him on street, why he was taken to police station? Shoul

So they agreed to let him go if he dropped the 'extortion' claim.

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1 hour ago, Xaos said:

"but as the limit had been reached on the account a cash payment was arranged." = EXTORTION

Yes, an extortion, that should be renamed theft. That, because his Thai/Indian friend and his GF set up a scam to steal the frenchman´s money.

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17 minutes ago, BestB said:

Here is an interesting part not mentioned in OP.


in his original claims on Facebook , he stated no drugs or anything was found and in hospital also nothing was found.


Now as it turns out, he was positive for ganja but later confirmed to be medical .


Dod it get confirmed to be medical after the payment ?


Now it is claimed the friend and gf did the runner , so that means money was never paid to police ? And he was set free? Because in his original claims he stated he paid the police, now turns out to a friend ?

5k-20k fine for marichana urine tests. 


Looks like this guy was just stupid all the way. 


Hope they will get thieves

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