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Buying pasture seed

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47 minutes ago, DubleA said:

OK and thank you all for the inputs.  

I was hoping to find a turf or grass that could improve the soil and help break it up to hold more moisture and not be so hard. 

Cheers all. 


You could try หญ้าแฟก Yar-Fark,in Thai, Vetiver in English  it is often used in new road banks ,has deep roots ,idea is that it hold the soil together and stops erosion,tough drought resistant ,with the deep roots it would help brake the soil up .

But ,they is no seed ,you plant the grass stems ,not a lot of use for grazing ,according to Wiki  it is related to Sorghum ,you would have to ask around to find some .

If you what to brake the soil up ,why not get a tractor and sub soiler in ,do it now while it is dry it  would make a good job . 

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