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Vietnam trip

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7 hours ago, samuttodd said:

Have any of you been there and what sort reception did you encounter? 

Been there 5x in the last 18 months.

Every trip was great, no problems, going again next week. Beer $1 a small bottle in bars and restaurants.

Do a student food tour if you don't know what local food you like, around $15-$20 each including food and drinks.


Lots of sights to see.

I've visited Hanoi, Da Nang, Hoi An, Saigon.

Hoi An was a bit of an overpriced tourist trap, but women like the pretty lights.

Hanoi was the best place for sight seeing.

Da Nang had a great beach and sea, about a 10Km long beach front.

Saigon was very busy, hustle and bustle.


Always use the airport bus, Hanoi 35kVND, Da Nang 5kVND, Saigon 20kVND.

(The Da Nang bus stop is a bit naughty as it's hidden outside the Domestic terminal)

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We ( chinese gf and i) were in vietnam last september for 8 days....visited Saigon ( HCMC) and Vung Tau. No problems at all.....allthough must say the matresses in all hotelbeds were realy hard!!! Not

Phoney Tony said there was WMD in Iraq.....Vietnam is the fastest growing tourist attraction with millions of visitors every year....enjoy the experience and relax

My (American) wife and I will be traveling for our third trip to Vietnam. Our previous two trips were lengthy and fun. Never once were did we feel taken advantage of or treated disrespectfully. We enj

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17 hours ago, charlie farnsbarns said:

No. I've toured the whole country and Vietnam is quite friendly and good for visitors. Quiet-spoken, law-abiding people. Never been scammed (except by the immigration 'stamping fee'). Love the no tipping policy.


Just back from a trip to Dalat and for this place didn't even need the visa approval letter and stamping fee as there is no VOA process at the airport - just went straight through immigration on a Brit passport with everyone else on the flight. I was simply asked 'how long are you staying?'. I said 'five days' and was stamped in with a smile.



Let me understand this: You and the passengers arrived in Da Lat straight from another country and didn't have to show a visa upon entry?  That's quite a loophole, if I'm reading your report correctly. Brits and several other Euro nationalities can enter visa-free. But what of the others who arrived?

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I've always been treated very well in Vietnam, great dining options, wide variety, cheap beer, stunningly woman. Happy to have me there. Found the people to be very honest, taxi drivers use the meter, but rarely use them as they have great public transportation to and from the airport. I'll be back shortly, can't wait. Skipping Thailand this year.

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14 minutes ago, Proboscis said:

I lived in Vietnam for 5 years. THey are quite happy to discuss the war. In fact, there is an official program where the authorities will put GIs and their officers in touch with their opposite numbers - so if you were dug into "Razor Back," the Vietnamese soldiers firing at you will be contacted and will meet you for dinner to discuss the war and everything else. The view is that you were all soldiers together and only fate put you on one side or the other.

What a great idea. Do you have any contact details for this official program?

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Been coming to Thailand for 18 years. I'm from NYC, USA. Have visited Saigon 6 times, visited Hanoi 6 times. Never ever had even a remote problem. The hotels staff are great wherever you stay. The restaurants wonderful and so cheap. This coming year will make it to DaNang which I have been told is great to foreigners. Act properly, get back to your hotel at a reasonable hour and you will love it.

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I've been to Saigon twice and Hanoi once. I was very well treated as an American, and over the years from 2009 to 2018 was visiting three consecutive gfs. My closest gf told me that the Vietnamese people love Barack Obama. (Part of the reason may be that he didn't mind stopping by a local noodle joint when he was president and having a beer with Anthony Bourdain--something most heads of state wouldn't bother with). Compare that to the mentally challenged Malaysian bastards who called Obama a "black monkey." I've unfortunately had extensive ties to malaysia so I'd say avoid that sh*thole and head for Vietnam. Saigon is a mess, though, with the millions of motorbikes everywhere. Hanoi was more of a livable experience, and friends of mine like to visit Hoi An.

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I didnt visit any major cities. Only to da nang and surrounds. Loved it. 


Great people, easy for a single guy to chat up locals. Very honest and nice people.


Im not a late nite person but if i remember correctly the bars in da nang close quite early.

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22 hours ago, Kaoboi Bebobp said:


Good idea. I think you will like it.


Now, you seem to be focusing on rip-offs. To wit: The taxi ride from Saigon airport to downtown should run 130,000 - 150,000 VND depending on traffic. Only take Mai Linh or Vinasun taxis at the airport lineup just outside the customs hall exit. Insist on it with the touts, who will be wearing taxi uniforms in company colours. They speak English.


If you need VND on arrival, just outside the customs hall are kiosks for mobile phone SIMs and Viet bank exchanges desks. Go to Exim Bank on the far right. They tended to have good rates. Pick up more VND later downtown at the gold shops or actual exchanges. I always have Exim or ACB Bank for-ex tables up and ready on my phone to check what the rate should be. You can check the rates via the SGN Airport free wi-fi. I've never been quoted outrageous exchange rates. But then, I don't shop in the markets.


After that, I really don't think you're going to be a price victim unless you insist on going to the Ben Thanh market or other places where you have to negotiate prices. However, your wife is used to this kind of thing so let her do the talking. Vendors are very likely to have good English speaking staffer or two, after they discover your wife's not Vietnamese, as noted by Nan Laew above.


There have been many good threads on all the VN issues in this subforum.

Use grab taxi. My cab ride 2 weeks ago from District 1 to airport was 75,000 dong. You overpaid. Bus is 20,000 I took it from airport to District one. I preferred door to door service in a/c taxi of course. 

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