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Fed up at New Year! Thai tourists suffer burglary from Prachuap resort

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21 hours ago, neeray said:

It all depends on the quality of care by the cheap place. I stay at a cheap place in CM (800 baht/night) and feel very secure, never a problem in a hundred nights.


But if out at night, my valuables are secure on my person.

Is 800 baht now considered cheap...that's 20 quid, I remember paying 200 in Samui about 3 quid


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On 12/30/2019 at 9:32 AM, keith101 said:

Why would you stay there unless it is extremely cheap and if that is the case then you got what you paid for , total insecure accommodation .

When I go in Poen Charoen since I do no want to sleep in the house of my wife's parents we go in the only hotel of the place situated on a main road . There are large signs, it is very well marked and lit ...but the word "hotel" is nowhere written in English, and it is  almost full everydays. The room are about 40 square meter, there is someone present at the hotel reception all the night. It is absolutely clean, they change the towels every day...400Bahts.  

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