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Video: No matter how well you drive on Thai roads... the Grim Reaper awaits

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Video: No matter how well you drive on Thai roads... the Grim Reaper awaits



Thai caption: Clear drunk driving


Horrific footage from "Page Pranburi" on Facebook showed what happened when a drunk bus driver crossed the center line and collided head on with a Toyota Altis. 


A food delivery motorcyclist could not brake in time and went into the wreckage; he ended up on the roof of the Altis. 


The Facebook page stated that no matter how well you might drive on Thai roads, death awaits. 


The CCTV footage was outside a building supplies shop in Prawet district of Bangkok. 


Sanook reported that Wanchai, 40, the Altis driver died in hospital.


Somrit, 24, the food delivery man on a 650 cc "big bike" is in a serious condition. 


Prawet police said that bus driver Prayut, 39, (who was taking his vehicle home from the garage) admitted drinking a bit. 


He had an alcohol reading of 138 milligrams, nearly three times over the limit. 


He has been charged with negligence causing death and DUI. 


The accident happened in Chalerm Prakiat R.9, Soi 11, Prawet. 


Source: Sanook




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-12-30
WARNING: The following video may be disturbing for some viewers. Discretion is advised

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It never stops here.  The government can wring their hands and <deleted> and moan and promise improve but nothing will happen because many Thai drivers just don't care.  

The penalties for this kind of thing are incredibly light when weighed next to other crimes such as defamation / libel, fraud, cyber crimes, and low level drug crimes.   Without any punishme

DRIVE SLOWLY IF DRUNK That's a pretty stupid concept. Try this: IF YOU ARE DRUNK, DON'T DRIVE.

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OMG.  Again, if you value your life you will never be on a motorbike.  If you slightly value your life, you will go to a place with safer roads because we are on the roads a lot.  if you really value your life, you won't be on this forum reading this.


in this case, the guy probably couldn't afford a food truck so of course i'm talking to the farangs.  

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