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Where to find cotton coil in Thailand?

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I need to purchase a length of 12 gram cotton coil to use in nutraceutical packaging.   I have scoured the internet looking for anyone who might sell it in thailand.  I can find all kinds of cotton balls, cotton rolls, etc. But absolutely nobody seems to sell cotton coil.   I can find it on alibaba of course, with MOQ's of 1 ton (enough to last me several lifetimes) and a massive headache getting it imported, but with all the textile manufacturing in Thailand I have to believe somebody must have it locally.


I could, in theory, use cotton balls instead, but the biggest cotton balls I can find are 1.4 grams, which are too small.


Is anyone familiar with this industry in Thailand who could direct me to a source for this?


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Have you considered contacting the supplier on Alibaba for their customer they supply in Thailand (if they do) explain you need smaller quantity in Thailand ?


Just a suggestion

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