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What Movies or TV shows are you watching (2020)

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Season 4 of Fargo has just started.      

Ozark   Series 1-3 available with subs from RARBG   https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5071412/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0   The Byrdes and their teenage kids, Charlotte and Jonah, are, for

This is a little off Topic again---apologies to all----- another great Free E-book site Z Library, they have over 5 million books which they put out in all formats MOBI--EPUB  etc   & 77 mill

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I'm late to this thread so manybe the ones I am posting some people have posted before.



I thought Unorthodox was quite good. It's a drama.





Still watching this one. Just one season I believe.



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I know a lot of people complained about Greyhound Attack. They wanted to watch the Tom Hanks movie there was some buzz about entitled Greyhound.  There are lots of junk movies out there trying to profit form the Big Movies coming out of the best studios. Well, here's a great clip from Vice News on the copy movie boom. It'll all make sense as to why there are so many cheap copy movies with similar names after watching this.



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On 6/16/2020 at 8:41 AM, BobBKK said:

Knightfall S2  but not as good as S1 IMHO.  Trying to watch Uncut Gems but I can't understand some of the English to be honest.

whaddya mean? Try watching ''Vic - what ticks me off'' . we though Gems was one of Adam Sandlers  greatest performances. Not that I'd watch much of his other stuff (eg 'Murder Mystery' was awefully ponderous).


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On 7/17/2020 at 5:09 PM, JackSinclair said:

May I suggest W1A

(it's the postcode for the BBC)

A mockumentry, kinda like the office, but takin thepiss  
about the BBC's diversity.
Oh - and Sarah Parish supplies the eye candy.



On the subject of "The Office" came across a movie on Netflix called "David Brent: Life on the Road", I don't know if it's a poor script or "The Office" wasn't anywhere near as funny as I think I remember it but I didn't think this movie was funny/entertaining at all...


Will give W1A a try though 🙂 



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2 hours ago, BritManToo said:

Cursed ....... a series about King Arthur before he became king.

The most 'woke' POS ever produced.

Apparently half of medieval England was non-white, including a black Arthur.

And the lead woman is a very plain fat chick.

here's to PCNOT

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2 hours ago, bert bloggs said:

Ive virtually given up watching the new stuff ,the minute they try to foist some other lie on us i just switch off,just waiting for James Bond to be a transsexual black woman that is in a wheelchair . you think i am joking ,the way things are going  its just a matter of time .

We saw Sammy Davis Jr. in Vancouver, back in '74. Amazing show. More multi talented that I thought possible. One of his stand-up lines was: I'm a one-eyed black jewish guy - how did I ever make it in America?'  

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On 7/15/2020 at 3:37 PM, giddyup said:

I download from about 6 different sites, not one of them asks me to join anything or even register, just hit the Magnet download and bob's your uncle.

Thanks for those file sharing sites which I did not have previously.

(BitChute; Magnetdl. )


Any other you'd like to share?



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films we just watched and liked, altho not new:

''A GOOD WOMAN IS HARD TO FIND'' (2019)  N.I film, Lead actress (I'm not pc) gives a terrific performance. a hard-nosed film !

INTERMISSION (2004) Also N. Irish) Great cast: Colin Farell, Cillian Murphy

TV: (from 2019) - Hanna (2nd season now dropped)

                      The Umbrella Academy

                       The Politican


     2020: SnowPiercer (slow start, then it catches on fire)

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