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I love Ethiopian food. Can get it in Bangkok’s Suk Soi 3 druggy area and Phnom Penh has a place called Sara, where I am just now. Toronto must have 20 of them, excellent dishes, friendly people. Always decent prices.


i know some would say, if you came to Thailand for the food, get Sunday roasts, baked beans and pasties with gravies. Sorry, I love Thai food and foods different from my childhood fare, but not that different.



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This is my cry, my secret dream, my fervent hope. Don’t know of any outside Bangkok.


In Toronto I had an Ethiopian guy tell me, at length, how to make it (put me to sleep). Lots of receipes for wats, etc on line. I brought two tubs of spices back (berbere -berberry - spice can make a wicked dip or addition to a stew) - don’t buy any on line, oumph is brought down, and sugar up, to western tastes. Spoke to the other western customer tonight, she said they were the rage in Germany (probably for impoverished students).

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