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Plastic bags: New public enemy number one - but is blurring them out on TV really necessary!?

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25 minutes ago, TallGuyJohninBKK said:

Lastly, for a serious scientific evaluation of the overall merits of such things, I don't think I'm going to rely on a 5-page document produced by the Northern Ireland Assembly.

No, you're going to rely on the Thai government instead. Okay.

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yep they blur out cigarette smoking,bare breasts but they're happy to show a thai man beating the <deleted> out of his wife or girlfriend,no wonder there is so much domestic violence.But then we

Whenever I see anything blurred out I just assume it’s a Japanese dick. 

I'm with the 80%   

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8 hours ago, thasoss said:

But then we have all come to realize thai culture is a really strange phenomenon too.

When beating your wife / girlfriend or kidnapping a woman and taking her to an island where you rape her until she loves you is considered culture, I want nothing to do with such primitive behavior. Why not just club them over the head and drag them back to your 3000b room?

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32 minutes ago, zydeco said:

No, you're going to rely on the Thai government instead. Okay.


I haven't said a word here about the Thai government or its policies.


I know what non-biodegradable plastic bags are and what they do in the environment. Whether any alternative is better depends on the alternative used.


For me, it's not hard to figure that reusing the same trio of cloth grocery bags daily and weekly for the past several years is a better choice for the environment that what the alternative has been here, which has been the supermarkets during that time probably having issued me HUNDREDS, maybe even thousands of plastic bags that pretty much all would have ended up in the trash at some point.

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The blurring out is just another idea from The Ministry of Silly Ideas, in this case, the environment ministry.  It's not a law but an 'agreement' between certain media and the ministry.  Leverage is put on the media, renewal of licences etc, to influence their decision.  A 'quid pro quo' no less.


To be ignored.

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