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Phuket facing worst tourism crisis in three decades - half of hotel rooms empty in 2020

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8 minutes ago, gaikhao said:

Look at other locations like Hua Hin which is booming

Booming because 90% of its tourism is based on old Scandinavians who are in and out within 2 weeks.

When you're 90 years old, after a long flight, you just want to get to a close beach town.

Without being harassed by sex workers (which means Pattaya is just not an option)

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45 minutes ago, sammieuk1 said:

Lets just work to our strengths here some of us are very inexplicably rich nothing else matters 🤔

Yep, the social divide continues to grow, no need for change!

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32 minutes ago, neeray said:

I still disagree with you. It's called making the best of a bad situation. Take business from the competition. Get them in on price if you have to. Them make them happy with drop-dead quality service. Repeats and referrals will abound (if Government and Immi. don't kill tourism altogether).

I get what you are saying and you are right; those hotels that offer the best value in terms of price, quality, service and ancilliaries will be the ones that prosper in both the short and long term.


What I'm stating, however, is that across the board rate reductions are not in the best interests of the hotel business in general. same places can't afford to reduce prices as they have high rents to pay. Last year was a struggle for many, the indications are that 2020 will be harder. I suppose the survival of the fittest law will apply, but for every closure there's a new hotel opening, and onwards the cycle goes.



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A post with a link to Bangkok Post has been removed as per forum rules, the reply was removed as well. 


A post with an irrelevant photo has been removed. 

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