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"We need our plastic bags!": After a brief honeymoon Thais strike back at bag ban

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Personally speaking they should ban generals before plastic bags at least they have a single use🤔 

Ya gotta love this country. Even the market trader girls are cute. Give her a dress and some high heel shoes and she would look like Miss Universe...... Now, what was this thread about?

What's the GDP per capita in France vs Thailand?  Solutions that work quite well where people can afford them often fail miserably in countries where people can barely afford what's in the bags, much

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Again, this directive is another clumsy and ill thought out ‘crack-down’ by decision makers who have not intelligent evaluated the impact of such decisions other than a ‘media slack on the back’ and a 'feel good photo’.... 


If decision makers truly cared they could implement genuine effective change and not just an unintelligent knee-jerk reaction. 

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I like the ban but I had one issue at Tesco which I can attribute to lack of forethought.  I filled up a basket, brought to the very small counter.  There was no room to place my own bag anywhere.  I had bag my items on the floor.

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