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"We need our plastic bags!": After a brief honeymoon Thais strike back at bag ban

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Personally speaking they should ban generals before plastic bags at least they have a single use🤔 

Ya gotta love this country. Even the market trader girls are cute. Give her a dress and some high heel shoes and she would look like Miss Universe...... Now, what was this thread about?

What's the GDP per capita in France vs Thailand?  Solutions that work quite well where people can afford them often fail miserably in countries where people can barely afford what's in the bags, much

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41 minutes ago, impulse said:

Besides, the biggest problem isn't the bags themselves.   It's the lack of solid waste management to handle bags, bottles and all the other waste.

Indeed, the bigger issue with plastic is what Thais do with it after use!


Education in proper disposal, and local authorities implementing measures to recycle should be as much a part of any attempt to reduce the use of plastic bags.


There also needs to be some element of common sense. Whilst getting the supermarkets and 7-Elevens to stop handing out endless numbers of bags is doable. Little bags for sauces and liquids at foodstalls, or bags for raw meat and fish, they are not easily replaced.

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32 minutes ago, AAArdvark said:

I like the ban but I had one issue at Tesco which I can attribute to lack of forethought.  I filled up a basket, brought to the very small counter.  There was no room to place my own bag anywhere.  I had bag my items on the floor.

I have always just placed my bags on top of the shopping, the staff take it, put it where the plastic bags are/were, and fill it. None of them have ever realised that my bags (from an Aussie supermarket) can be hooked up like the plastic ones though, so i often have to hold them open.

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i need the bags large enough to fit my trash cans, period.

all this does is i gotta ask the maids for even more extra

trash can bags then i already do.


however, i usually, especially at 7/11, get a bunch of

tiny bags that do not fit my trash can,

this is pure waste, i cant reuse them a 2nd time to carry out

the trash, instead i drop it inside a larger bag in the trash can,

as trash.


i wouldnt mind paying a bit extra at big c & 7/11 for large decomposable bags.


either way, i need large bags, a lot of them,

to carry out the trash, much more then i generate when i go to supermarkets


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14 hours ago, sammieuk1 said:

Personally speaking they should ban generals before plastic bags at least they have a single use🤔 

Thais cannot sustain change for more than a week. Doesnt matter what happens now.

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14 hours ago, geisha said:

I don’t know what they’re made of, but in France( reste of EU) they have a bag for veg, meat, fish, that is not plastic and conform to the law. These are free. So why hasn’t Thailand got them ? 
Bad management. 

And that is the point. Usually made originally from wood and that means cut the trees. Not a good solution. And we still have cans, cups etc thrown into the environment.


Teach people to live responsible. Put garbage in the bin and not into the nature or even burn it.

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It's only been less than a week. "Stay the course, full steam ahead".

Implementation was poorly administered but the concept is right.

Everybody will find a "work-around" given a little time.


Next! Figure out how to reduce packaging on new products from China. Blister-packaging probably contributes more to waste than shopping bags do. China don't care about the waste, but somebody has to.

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