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Chiang Mai Immigration Q & A - Info and reports. (2020)

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I entered from the USA on a SETV.

Within a week my 1st 60 days are up and I have to renew for the final 30.


Would appreciate help for some questions:


What line do I get in?


What time do I have to be there by?


Do I need passport size photos or anything else to provide other than my passport?


Is there a fee for the renewal?


Also, Bangkok Bank told me they would open an account if I get what is apparently a Certificate of Residency from Imm.


I've been staying at a hotel so I probably will be denied but will give it a try.


Can the person renewing my Visa also grant me this or do I need another line after I get renewed?


I can see from the sample form the bank gave me that a passport photo is needed for this (or possibly 2).


Thank you for any info.

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Do not go to a visa agent. Go to the nearest immigration office. Do not leave it until the last possible day. Bring 1,900 baht, a passport photo, your passport, a photocopy of the personal detai

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Questions and Answers on all ""Immigration" issues in Chiang Mai.


Posts that are off topic, argumentative, etc. will be aggressively removed to keep this topic with useful information for members.


This topic is for current details and members experience with the immigration office in Chiang Mai.

Any other issues should be posted or referred to the main Visa forum.


Here is a link to the previous thread for reference purposes.

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1 hour ago, donnacha said:

Do not go to a visa agent.

Go to the nearest immigration office. Do not leave it until the last possible day.

Bring 1,900 baht, a passport photo, your passport, a photocopy of the personal details page of your passport, a photocopy of the visa in your passport (2 photocopies in total), and a pen.

If you do not have a photo or the photocopies, there will be a shop nearby where you can get them done for a reasonable price.

The form will probably be freely available on tables. Many other foreigners will be submitting the same form. It asks for simple information, so, should not take more than 5 minutes to complete.

Bring the completed form to the counter, along with the photo, photocopies, and the 1,900 baht. If you do not have the exact amount, you can give them 2,000 and receive your 100 baht in change at the end.

The counter staff will give you a numbered ticket. Wait until your number is called. They will take your photo and ask you to sit down again. About five or ten minutes later they will call your name and you can collect your passport, a receipt, and any change. The whole process should be complete within an hour.

You can go there up to a week before the expiry of your current permission to remain. Your new permission will be extended 30 days from your old permission, regardless of when you get it done.

I have never heard of anyone not getting the extension, but exercise common sense: dress neatly, hide any tattoos, be polite. 

Getting a Bank Account

You cannot receive any form of residence certification while you are here on a tourist visa. The bank staff know that but this was the politest way to make you go away.

These days, banks are unlikely to give an account to a foreigner who is not here on a longer term visa. If you are close to retirement age (50), however, it may be worth saying that, although you are on a tourist visa today, you want to set up a savings account to lodge your 800,000 baht into before your next visit to Thailand.

It may also increase your chances if you are accompanied by a Thai friend who already has an account at that branch.

The chances are, however, that you will not be able to get an account at any of the banks until you are on a longer term visa. It is probably a firm rule. I am simply saying that if there is any chance those two things would help.

All the information you could need about any immigration or bank process in Thailand is already available in this forum. Use the search feature and read the most recent threads you can find. Do not treat any one post as gospel, consider a variety of opinions.


Thank you for the detailed explanation.


Does it matter what time I get to the CM Imm. office?


I had gone to Bangkok Bank at Kad Suan Kaew mall as that particular branch was cited many times as being good for opening an account and also saw Khun Sombat who one poster cited as having helped many get an account so disappointed he was jerking me around.

A fast "No" is the 2nd best answer.


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If you obtain a Certificate of Residency, you don't need a Thai friend to help you open an account at Bangkok Bank Kad Suan Kaew, but a foreign friend who has banked there for a long time and keeps several million in their bank is just as good.  


I've seen their staff look in disdain when someone brings in a one-week Thai girlfriend to act as their "Thai guarantee" when they'd be much better off bringing in a westerner who has banked at that branch for 8 - 10 years and knows everyone there. 

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OP wrote >

I entered from the USA on a SETV.

Within a week my 1st 60 days are up and I have to renew for the final 30.

@donnacha answered your queries accurately.


Question > Is it your intent to stay long-term in Thailand? 

If so, you need to apply at least 15 (some IOs require 21) days before your permission to stay expires, for a Non Imm O Visa. 

However to do so, you need to be +50 years of age for the RETIREMENT option.

Or being married to a thai national to apply for the MARRIAGE option.

>> If you are eligible PM me, and I will provide you with a comprehensive roadmap with all details/options on how to do it.

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Thanks to all who helped with advice, especially donnacha for his detailed instructions. Also thanks CMBob for filling in some more details.

(And Peter Denis for pm'ing his instructions on the Retirement Extension).


Obtained the 30 day extension of my SETV without issue.

3 hours from when I thought of starting a stopwatch, probably 3.5 hours total time there.

(Arrived about 10:30 am).


Overall I thought the CM Office is thoughtfully organized for a newbie walking in - young helpers outside, sample forms on the outside bulletin board, etc.



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Thank you, @jeffandgop.  It is good to see a succinct report based on actual experience.  I am in a similar situation, except I arrived on a O-A retirement in 2002.  If the insurance situation isn't more favorable when I renew my visa in October, I will do the same.  Good news for a change. 

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5 hours ago, cnxgary said:

In JeffandJob"s post they mention in section 7 that IO requires a bank statement, updated bank book and a bank certificate. What is a bank certificate and how is that different from a bank letter?

I don’t know the answer to that. Best to check with Immigration.

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